Swatch & Review of Nail Potion #9’s Toxin of Dryad

This polish was provided for me for my review and photographs, however the review will be my honest opinion.


image_44 image_333

First Coat

image_77 11

Second Coat

image_66 image_33 image_11 image_8 image_7


image_6 image_4 image_3 image_1


Color: Dryad Toxin

Polish Brand: Nail Potion #9

Nail Potion #9 on Facebook

Nail Potion #9 Website


I am definitely a fan of this polish, it is a unique color/texture/style that I have never encountered before. The bottle is adorable and the brush fanned out nicely during application. Its a medium/dark green with tons of shimmers and glitters and flakies in it. While it appears to be a jelly-like polish after one coat, it is fully opaque after two which was surprising and amazing.  The formulation was a little thicker than I was hoping for, but was perfectly acceptable especially with a polish with that much delicious glitter in it. The best part was that even though I found it a tad thick, it was a piece of cake to spread out the sparkles and glitter evenly!

After I tried out some Seche Vite and Matte About You on top, I added some dragon scales because GAME OF THRONES IS THIS WEEEEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!! yesyesyesWHEREAREMYDRAGONSomg.

Thank you to Angela at Nail Potion #9 for the polish, I really enjoyed it :]


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