Nail It! Magazine

photoWhile home on break I decided to visit Sally’s and ended up buying way more than expected and also found out that there is a magazine dedicated to nail art. After reading through it I decided it was worth the money and subscribed to it :]

I was impressed by all of the content covered and I even learned a few things especially about nail salons and gel manicures. It seems that the almond nail shape is going to be popular soon, hopefully I can grow mine long enough to try it! They interviewed a few amazing nail artists and I even found some inspiration.

While I enjoyed the content covered in the magazine I was pretty disappointed to see that a lot of the images in the advertisements, and some of the pictures from the magazine spreads appeared to be photoshopped. Some were more extreme than others but I just kind of hoped that a nail art magazine wouldn’t try to force false perfection on us like normal fashion magazines do with beauty and body shape/weight. Either way I’m super excited for the next one to come in the mail!

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Mani of the Week: Sea Nets / Loofa Mani

I was browsing r/redditlaqueristas and I saw a mani with the most beautiful deep blue polish ever and knew that I had to have it. I checked the comments for the name and… I ALREADY HAD IT!1 Revlon’s – Royal. I also found Essie’s – Penny Talk which I’ve wanted forever and found at Rite Aid on clearance for 4$ (but the cashier charged me even less!) so I decided to use them together. I’ve been expecting the 2011 and 2012 Bundle Monster Stamping Plate sets for a little bit now, but I’m impatient and decided to use the only stamping plate I currently have which is Konad M57. I was aiming for an ocean like blue with a gold and bronze ‘net’ stamp over top and was pretty pleased with my result. While I was looking for something to hold while I took pictures, I realized that my mani looked just like my loofa :]

I was pretty mad when the Seche Vite dried and I saw how awful the shrinkage was. Especially on my ring finger, I had switched to Out the Door topcoat because of the warning label on Seche Vite, but I find that OTD will smear any design I put it over and SV doesn’t. I guess neither are safe anymore :/ I plan on buying the Seche Topcoat Thinner and seeing if that helps, mine is about half gone and is incredibly thick so I think that might be the problem. Its never done this before and I’m really disappointed. Anyways, heres pictures!

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Where I Buy Nail Art Supplies

I figured I’d share where I buy my nail art supplies in case anybody wants to buy some. Polish is also way cheaper online which helps fuel the addiction :] If anybody has any other sites that have discounted nail art stuff let me know!!

How to Remove Glitter Polish

I used to avoid putting glitter polish on and even started to dislike glitter, because I knew it would be a serious pain in my butt to get off. That and after scrubbing at my finger nails to get it off they would also look pretty rough and possibly break. I recently learned of the foil method. A little prep and 10 minutes is all it takes to get it all off in one swipe :]

1) Cut (or rip) 10 finger sized pieces of tin foil and paper towel or cotton balls.


2) Dip the paper towel in acetone or polish remover and wrap it around a nail


3) Wrap a piece of foil around the paper towel and make sure its sealed around all of the edges


do the rest of your nails


4) Wait 10 minutes then pull the whole thing off while putting pressure on the nail, all of the glitter will slide right off